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1. A Camp Host Story

*We found this story on the web, we thought it was accurate and well written. Hope this writer keeps up with the new lifestyle. ~Camp Host US~

Seeing America On The Cheap! Camp Hosting Has Opened New Doors For Us!

I was able to retire at an early age, after putting in over 32 years and never late or missed a day. We decided, since we loved camping, and have been camping for most of the 37 plus years of marriage, we would venture into this new world of "Camp Hosting".

Check Out Camp Hosting, even if you want to stay 1 to 3 months at a place or area. Well worth it in many ways! From the people you meet with stories to the animals, nature and scenery. To the savings of money!

If you have a RV or as I call it, my little apartment, this is heaven on earth vacation! From TV, DVR, VHS, Satellite systems, Air Conditioner, heater, washers and dryers, dishwashers, bath tubs, showers, microwave, refrigerator, computers, to your own bed. Some have so much more in them, better than many people's homes!

Yes, I know I have heard, "Why leave my big, paid off home, with a pool, spa, huge family room, fireplaces, shopping stores, restaurants and stuff, in Las Vegas to live like a homeless person!"

RVing is an up and coming "Vacation Home", that you can change locations, instead of staying in one place so long, that you end up naming the tress! You sleep in your own bed, and I know you heard the horror stories about motels and hotels. Yes, most of the time you have to clean and cook, but when you balance that, we will take Camp Hosting every time!

Please think before you invest all your life's savings into a RV. Many people we have talked to, sold their homes then put the money into their RV. Problem is, the RV goes down, depreciates every year, a home does not. So if you decide you don't like Camping, or years pass and you want to go back into a home,or after a few years the RV start needing major work, when you sell your RV it is worth so much less than what you paid for it!

Being out on the road, you don't want payments either! Buy your RV for cash, make sure you have a mailing address for any bills. Sign up at your bank for on line banking and do eBills. Make sure your Medical Insurance will cover you, where ever you are! Might look into insurance and companies that will handle your medications and ship them to you, most places we have been at, we would have to drive over 100 miles to find major stores. Your car/RV insurance is going to need to know where you are, so they will fully cover you also.

We have a satellite system, so we have internet, internet phone, and internet fax company. As long as we have a clear view of the southern sky, we are in touch with the world. Our cell phone rarely works where we are! We contacted our satellite TV and had them put us on a mobile set up, so we can get the major channels along with our regular channels!
After reading the bottom section, hit this link to go to Chapter 2
How To Start Camp Hosting
Most places will give you your space, electric, water and sewer in exchange for 20 hours of "Hanging Out". Some places want a little more, such as check people in, collect the money and a few more things and pay minimum wage for that area. Other places that want us to "Work", we decline. If I wanted someone to whine and tell me what to do all the time, I would have stayed at the job I had, it paid better and had benifits!
Both the Campground and Us have to get something out of Camp Hosting, not just one way!
You are more or less on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, or should be, for help.
Best place to start is one of the search engines. Put in Camp Host, there will be pages and pages that should come up.
Look for Campgrounds in the areas you want to visit.
Most State Parks, do not pay, but are really nice people and places to be at.
Concessions, such as RRM and Aud & Di Campground Services, want you to work! Clean bathrooms, to piles of paperwork, some also want you to sit and work in information buildings, visitor centers and gift shops!
Make a list of what you will and won't do and make sure it is clear BEFORE taking the job. Also make sure they have the electric, water, sewer (if you need them) at the camp host site you will be in, again, BEFORE you take the job.
Make clear what you will do and what they want you to do, BEFORE taking the job!
There are many places that need Camp Hosts, that you would not think of. Campgrounds at Fairgrounds, Forest, BLM, National Parks and Monuments,Army Corp, County Campground Parks, to even private campgrounds. Some pay some do not. Again, pick the area then look up campgrounds.
We want to enjoy Camp Hosting, Not Work All Day! We don't mind going around the campgrounds most of the day and talking with the campers, but to spend 10 to 12 hours a day cleaning, working in buildings, maintance and such, is not what I am looking for! Are You?
Stay with me, I have more information and stories about Camp Hosting. Chapter 2 is at

Link: Camp Host Squid

Need Hosts and Caretakers in ATV Campgrounds for the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Hosts check folks in and out, answer questions, pass out literature, help with litter pick up, and clean restrooms. Caretakers in larger campgrounds clean restrooms and showers, keep the physical property presentable.Full hook up site+ propane and a daily reimbursement for days worked. These are year round positions, so a minimum6 month commit is asked.

2. Camp Host Tip

How Many Hours Is an RV Site Worth?

Multiply the number of hours you are required to work per month times your
hourly pay rate. If husband and wife are each required to work one 8 hour
day, one day per week, that equals 68 hours of labor per month. 8 hours x 2
people x 4.3 weeks per month = 68 hours. If you are willing to work for the
Federal minimum wage of $5.15 an hour, the gross is $350.20 per month. If
you value your time at $10.00/hour, then you would be paying gross wages of
$680.00/month for the site.

That gives you a starting figure. Then, consider the value of other perks
and figure them into the equation. Only you can decide what the exchange
package is worth to you.

4. Electric RV? Why Not?

"The first vehicles to use lithium-ion batteries will come in 2009," contemplated Ric Fullop, a thirty plus entrepreneur and an electrical engineer. But here it is already. This is the first of its kind (electric car) to use lithium ion batteries. About 9 patents are pending for this invention is simply remarkable.

Daren Luedtke, president and chief executive officer of Luedtke Enterprises of Wright County, has invented an electric car that can run 500 miles once fully charged which takes just about eight hours.

This electro-magnetic engine that powers the van comprises two main components - electro-magnetic transmission and variable speed belt-driven transmission, cost the inventor two hundred thousand dollars to build.

In addition, there is a battery pack at the back of the van and a programmable computer that monitors the user's inputs such as amperage, voltage etc. "All you do is turn the key on, and you start the electric motor with this throttle and then if I were to step on the gas pedal it engages the electromagnetic transmission and I start moving forward," Luedtke said as he demonstrated the van today for a group of area residents. He demonstrated the same on a Yamaha bike also.

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