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Camp Host US Newsletter 30th edition: Happy Fourth

Camp Host US Newsletter 30th edition

Happy Fourth America

  • Tips for Surviving Soaring Summer Temper


  • KOA Campground Work

  • Hot Dogs

    1. Tips for Surviving Soaring Summer

    Press Release Source: Schaller Anderson

    PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 20, 2006--Summer
    temperatures are soaring early this year, and while you're debating
    whether it's a result of global warming or just a peak in a long weather
    cycle, make sure you're protecting your health, say the health care
    professionals at Schaller Anderson, a nationwide health management
    company headquartered in Phoenix.

    "This time of year, it's
    important to remember to take care of yourself while you are working and
    playing in the sun," said Dr. Maureen Dempsey, chief medical officer of
    Schaller Anderson Healthcare. "If you're not careful, the sun can result
    in serious health problems or even permanent damage to your body."

    Schaller Anderson administers physical and behavioral health
    care for Medicaid, Medicare, commercial and employer self-funded plans
    in seven states.

    Here are some common sense precautions based on national

    * Hydrate! Drink water often. Estimates of
    how much water you should drink vary, but there is general agreement
    that at least eight glasses of water a day in the summer heat is a good
    place to start. If you are active, drink more. (Other liquids do not
    replace water.)
    * Eat small meals. Large meals or meals high
    in protein increase your body's temperature.
    * Avoid salt.
    High-salt foods can lead to dehydration.
    * Wear light,
    loose-fitting clothing. It's not only more comfortable in high
    temperatures, it allows your body's sweat to evaporate efficiently and
    cool your body.
    * Cover up. While it would seem to be the
    opposite, covering your skin with lightweight cotton clothing is a
    better choice than exposing your skin to the sun.
    * Be sure to
    apply enough sunscreen, and to reapply after swimming or sweating. Even
    for an adult, the SP
    F (sun protection factor) should be 15 or greater. The higher the SPF,
    the greater the protection from the sun's rays.
    * When the
    temperatures are soaring, avoid outdoor activity, especially in the
    hottest times of the day. Like to run? Do it in the house or find a gym.
    Intense activities in the sun should be avoided.
    * Use a hat
    or an umbrella. Again, avoid the direct rays from the sun to avoid
    sunburn and heat stroke.

    * Remember pool safety rules! The
    American Red Cross urges swimmers to swim in supervised areas only,
    avoid drinking alcohol and swimming, and pay attention to weather

    and stop swimming at the first indication of bad


    The Florida Park Service recently partnered with Operation
    Purple for the second year to coordinate a camping trip through seven
    state parks for children with active-duty military parents. Campers
    experienced military mission situations, recreational activities and
    camaraderie with other children of similar backgrounds.

    "Operation Purple is a great opportunity to provide a day of
    education, environmental awareness and recreational activity for
    campers," said Mike Bullock, Director of Florida State Parks. "From
    exploring natural Florida landscapes, to learning about the state's
    cultural and historical heritage, Florida's state parks offer
    participants a variety of resources to enjoy." More...


    3. KOA Campground Work

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    Hot Dogs In 2006, consumers spent $1.8
    billion on hot dogs in U.S. supermarkets.

    * Americans
    typically consume 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor

    * Americans will eat 24.2 million hot dogs in
    major league ballparks -- that's enough to stretch from Dodgers' Stadium
    in Los Angeles to Camden Yards in Baltimore.

    * On the
    Fourth of July, Americans will enjoy 150 million hot dogs!

    * More hot dogs will be eaten at New York's Yankee Stadium - 1.8 million
    in 2006 - than in any other major league ballpark in the country!

    * The Council estimates Americans will consume more than 2
    billion hot dogs during National Hot Dog Month this July!

    Link:Hot Dog Council>

    Best Hot Dog Award goes to Coleman All Natuarals all beef weiners no
    additives delicious dogs! Enjoy!

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