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  1. Newsletter 17
  2. Questions And Tips
  3. No Sugar Added
  4. Tax Time Again
  5. Workamper Hotline Sample

1. Newsletter 17

This is the 17th edition of the Camp Host US Newsletter...we think the newsletters are getting better..what do you think? Would you like to see a topic that is not included? We are going to try and have one new recipe each issue along with an rv or camp host related tip going forward.

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2. Questions And Tips

What does a camp host do? The camp host is a volunteer who meets a specific criteria and provides a service to the campground management in exchange for a free campsite and more times than not a stipend wage is included for the service. Park host campers are used nationwide in the maintenance of both private and government regulated campgrounds. Their duties are generally the same but may include activities tailored to the needs of management and the particular geographical region. They are an advocate for the park and they collaborate with management to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the other campers.
Camp hosts are on-site representatives of the park. They welcome campers, acquaint them with park facilities and regulations, and answer questions on local and citywide attractions. Hosts also assist with the day to day operations and maintenance of the campground, including restroom maintenance, sercurity and light janitorial service and repairs. All Hosts must have enthusiasm for working with the public, a team spirit and a commitment to the welfare of the park campers. They are expected to follow campground rules and regulations and set an example for fellow campers.

And then there are the workampers. These folks do some kind of work while camping, traveling or living in their RVs. They may sell crafts to make a buck, exchange a few hours of work to offset campsite expenses, work part-time to supplement retirement income, or are employed full-time in order to make a living. Workampers have discovered there are more jobs looking for RVers than there are RVers looking for jobs.

RVers frequently switch from one lifestyle to another. And, it is not unusual to combine two or more RV lifestyles. We, for example, have progressed from weekends and vacations to extended RV travel while making our living on the road. No doubt we have overlooked some RV lifestyles. One thing is for certain, though, just as the words “RV lifestyle” encompass a variety of lifestyles, the word RV describes the variety of vehicles that are available to complement anyone’s personal lifestyle. Enjoy The Journey!

This issue's question?
How do you cope with cold weather in your RV? Here's how one reader (only identified as KDS) does it. I'm quoting him: "Leave the fresh water system winterized for the duration. Give up showers, and live with sponge baths from a two-gallon water jug. Rely on microwave cooking (assuming you have a generator), with paper plates and plastic utensils (no dishwashing). Every fall, I disconnect the sink trap in the galley, and hook the sink directly into a two-gallon plastic jug which I empty outdoors as required. The bathroom sink is off-limits until spring, with all washing done at the kitchen sink using a water bottle. "We keep a jug of the red water system anti-freeze (purchased for less than $3 a gallon at Wal-Mart) in the bathroom, and use it to flush the toilet. We've never had a problem with the black water tank freezing using this procedure. Our biggest problem is finding a dump station open in New England between November and April. "During cold weather boondocking (20s during the day, single digits at night), the furnace runs at least half the time, and can deplete our two coach batteries in 24 hours or less. I have installed a 40 amp, four-stage Xantrex charger, which operates from 110 volts produced by the generator. Even with temperatures in the single digits we can keep the house batteries charged by operating the generator for two to four hours a day. "To conserve heat, we keep the day-night shades lowered, and I hang a sleeping bag across the cab access opening in our 29-foot Class C motorhome. We don't camp in sub-zero weather or in remote locations during the coldest weather or if snow is forecast. The risk of freezing to death because of an electrical or mechanical failure is just too great. "If you can live with these somewhat primitive conditions, winter camping will provide you with a great deal of pleasure." - KDS


3. No Sugar Added

Dr. Sullivan's High Fiber Muffins (1) 1/2 cup soy flour (2) 1 tsp baking soda (3) 1 tsp baking powder (4) 1/2 cup whole wheat flour (5) 1 cup oat bran (6) 1 tablespoon flax seeds (7) 1 cup applesauce (8) 2 bananas (mashed) (9) 2 egg white (10) 1/4 cup brown sugar or *substitute -Stevia- (11) 1/4 cup pecans (12) 1/3 dried blueberries or raspberries or use your imagination. Directions: Mix ingredients 1-6 well Mix ingredients 7-10 and add to 1-6 Fold in ingredients 11 and 12 Spoon into 12 inch medium greased with -canola oil- muffin tins ( 1/2 full) Bake at 375 for 25 min. Yeilds 1 dozen delicious healthy muffins.


5. Workamper Hotline Sample

This is Workamper Hotline for 02/18/2005. There are 10 job listings on
the Hotline today.
Camp Host US Members are encouraged to subscribe to the valuable tool called the Workamper News! We think this is possibly the only tool that the camp host really needs to be successful.

Wow! There are a ton of RVs listed on our new "RVs For Sale" web
page at:


Camp Host Examples:

Colorado. We are searching for three couples to work at xxxxxxx
in Estes Park, Colorado from May to October of 2005. We have rooms and
cabins and the work would be mostly cleaning with some laundry, office
and lawn work. Hours are from 9 to 1 five days a week. Couples would
work the same days and same hours. FHU plus salary is
provided. Call Marny at xxxxxxx for more information.

Phone: xxxxx

Arizona. Part-time Bookkeeper needed for xxxxxx RV Village in
Brenda, Arizona. Must be Quick Books and ROZ reservations knowledgeable.
Compensation includes FHU site w/cable TV, Electric, Propane and
laundry and $. Please submit resumes by email at xxxxx or
fax resume to xxxxxxxx

Fax: xxxx
Email: xxxxxxxx

Tampa, Florida. Couple needed to lock and unlock RVs, in exchange for
FHU site with washer/dryer. Also, hourly wages for 35-40 hours a week,
part-time captain position on 60' motor yacht; prefer year-round.
Call xxxxxxxx or fax resumé or call xxxxxxxxx


Florida. Calling all cooks and gift of gabbers ... come live and work
on island time in Cedar Key, FL. Growing business needs dependable,
personable help. Must feel comfortable to work with little supervision.
Easy work, training provided. 20/hrs in exchange for FHU site. Call
xxxxx or email info to xxxxxxx One
position open immediately, others filled in March and April.

Phone: xxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxxxxx

Florida Gulf Beach area. April - Oct 2005. Non-smoking Couple to
assist managers, 4 days/wk (includes weekends), with 4 nites on call. Light
maintenance of elec, pool, plumbing, sewer, mowing, trimming, cleaning
2 bathrooms daily. Registration of guests, computer reservations
(computer experience required). Friendly, positive attitude. Work 20
hrs/couple for FHU site, and $1,000 per month for all other hours worked.
Includes elec, cable, laundry, propane, WiFi and uniforms. Must be in FL.
Fax xxxxxxxx

Fax: xxxxxxxx

Tennessee. KOA xxxxxxx needs a couple for store/outside
maintenance, starting March 15th through Sept. 2005. Each person to work
approx. 25 hours per week. FHU site + extras for 10 hours per week per
couple. All additional hours paid at $6.25 per hour. Prefer pool maintenance
experience and Kampsight experience, but not required Come spend a
season in a laid-back park. Please respond by e-mail at


Multiple Locations. Mama Mellace's Old World Treats needs a couple for
food demo job in the upper Midwest starting March 1st. Salary is $2000
per month plus expenses. For more information e-mail Wayne Knight at:

Email: xxxxxxxx

Idaho. xxxxx Lodge in the magnificent Sawtooth Mountains, just
37 miles north of the world famous Sun Valley, Idaho. Seasonal and
year-round positions for: Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Dishwasher, Servers,
Cashiers, Housekeepers. RV hookups furnished. Competitive wages and perks.
Positive attitude and team player a must. Send resume to: xxxx Ketchum, IDxxx or fax to xxxxxxx or
phone xxxxxxx ask for Randy. Website: xxxxxxx

Phone: xxxxxxxx
Fax: xxxxxxxx
Web Address: xxxxxx

Virginia. The Bolar Mountain Recreation Area is home to the spectacular
2,530-acre Lake Moomaw. There are three developed campgrounds, two
primitive campgrounds, two picnic areas, a beach and a marina.Positions we
are seeking for the summer 2005 recreation season are: campgrounds
hosts, fee booth operators, and maintenance workers. Volunteer campsites
are full hookup. Contact Lorraine Thomas of the USFS at xxxxxx
Please respond as soon as possible, if you are interested.


Michigan. Northeast Michigan's largest, most beautiful campground.
Near West Branch. Enjoy this 220-site, gated paradise on 700 wooded acres
and 3 lakes. Rangers, grounds, housekeeping, activities team members
needed. (May-Sept) 20 hrs/wk/site (not per person) in exchange for FHU
site. Additional wages for "as needed" hours. Resumé, picture and
references to xxxxxxx, or
xxxxxx or fax xxxxxxx.

Fax: xxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxxx

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