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Camp Host US Caretakers and camp hosts are in demand at all the good places...take your next vacation while donating your time or accepting wages? The Caretaker Gazette Publication and Camp Host US will help with your decision.

1. State Parks That Want Camp Hosts


State Park Volunteering

US & Canadian Parks.


State List of Opportunities


Covers Volunteers in Parks Program, as well as camp host and trail maintenance programs.Alaska

Includes general information on the state park volunteer program, including internships, current openings, campground hosting, and an on-line application form.                     


Includes information on one-time projects and long-term projects.


Includes information on Volunteer in Park Program.


List volunteering requirements and current openings.


List information on volunteer opportunities.


Includes information on becoming a state park volunteer.


Includes volunteer handbook and newsletter.


Includes an online volunteer calendar.


Department of Land and Natural Resources provides information on volunteer opportunities.


Includes information on being a campground host, interpretive host, maintenance host, or being a special projects volunteer.

Offers online application.Illinois

Provides online information packet.


Offer volunteer newsletter and brochure.


Includes information on being a campground host as well as many other state park volunteer opportunities and events. Offers an on-line volunteer registration option.


Information on campground hosting.


Information on the Maine VIP program.


Information on Department of Natural Resources volunteer programs.


Basic information on volunteering.


Includes the Core Volunteer Steward Program.


Lists information on campground hosting.


Includes information on the Volunteers in Parks (VIP) program, including an online application form.


Includes information on volunteer opportunities as campground hosts.


Includes information on the campground host and volunteer in parks programs.


Descriptive information on the program.

New Jersey

Includes information on the New Jersey VIP program.

New Mexico

Includes information on the New Mexico VIP program.

North Carolina

Includes information on campground hosting and the VIP program.

North Dakota

Includes information on the Campground Host Program and the Volunteers in Parks (VIP) Program.


Describes individual and group volunteer programs.


Lists various volunteering programs.


Features information on Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ conservation park volunteer program.

South Carolina

Includes information on campground hosting.

South Dakota

Lists available positions.


Describes the campground host program.


Describes various programs including campground hosts.


Includes brief description of volunteer program and contact information.


Includes information on short-term volunteers and campground volunteers.


Provides information on volunteer opportunities, including intern programs, group projects, camp hosts, and more.


Includes information on volunteer opportunities, including Host Programs.

West Virginia

Describes the volunteer park host program and the campground host program and provides online application form.


Cover the Adopt-a-Trail program, campground hosts, friends groups, trail hosts, and other environmental work.

Federal & Misc.

Volunteer to work in an outdoor setting, there are a variety of options available at the national, state, county, or local levels besides working at a national or state park. is an interagency web site of volunteer opportunities nationwide. It is a partnership among the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, State of New York Division of Veterans Affairs, the Corporation for National and Community Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and U.S.A. Freedom Corps aimed at providing a single, easy-to-use web portal with information about volunteer opportunities. The site allows you to search for volunteer opportunities by keyword, state, activity, partner, and/or date range.If you are interested in volunteering, you might also consider participating in a park cleanup or conservation project in your own area. To find out what activities are taking place, contact your local Sierra Club or National Audubon Society chapter or the Environmental Conservation Department (or its equivalent) for your county or municipality.

Other organizations and agencies that offer opportunities for volunteering include:

Bureau of Land Management- provides general information on volunteer opportunities on BLM lands, including a list of state volunteer contacts.

Christian Ministry in National Parks- includes information on how to become involved in A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP) program.

The Nature Conservancy - volunteer opportunities searchable by state.

Student Conservation Association - volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - information on volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)- places individuals with community-based agencies to help find long-term solutions to the problems caused by urban and rural poverty. Includes national database. NPS search:

National Park Volunteer (Portal)-search by park or by location. Find Camping Blogspot ~ Camphost.US-search by park or by location.   

Christian Park Needs Volunteer Camp Hosts

Camp Host Program
What is a camp host?

Campground hosts are volunteers, which serve without pay, to share their camping know-how, love of the outdoors and their love of Christ with campers at Valley Camp in exchange for free camping, with electric, water and sewer hookups.

Why have camp hosts?

Our goal is to help develop a sense of community at Valley Camp. Hosts that share this same goal will by nature make campers feel like they belong and help to facilitate a good experience for all who come to enjoy the camp, to seek a time of relaxation and retreat. There is no substitute for the personal touch camp hosts can provide that makes a camper feel welcome and "at home". Hosts, just by their presence, will help to provide a sense of security in camp, a person close by to go to in case of emergency. Another benefit of the campground host program is better-oriented and informed visitors, reduced vandalism and lower speeds on the roads in camp.

What are the benefits to the hosts?

Hosts receive numerous benefits during their time at Valley Camp. The pleasure of spending time outdoors within a community of believers that share like values helping to develop a Lutheran Outdoor Ministry camping program will be the greatest benefit. Other host benefits will be, the satisfaction of helping others to enjoy the camp, meeting new folks from all walks of life, possibly becoming lasting friends, and free camping with electric, water and sewer hookups during the time they are serving as hosts.

What is expected of a camp host?

Hosts are outgoing and love meeting new people. Hosts set the example for other campers and will practice good housekeeping at all times.
Hosts will become familiar with the surrounding area and the camp facilities.

Our Camp hosts will:

Be available for a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks during the camping season (May 15th through October 15th). To provide opportunity for all that are interested in being hosts we may set a 4-week maximum. (talk to us about this) Be on duty 4 days out of 7, including weekends and holidays with any days off taken Monday through Thursday. Hours will vary but will mostly be concentrated in early morning and mid-late afternoon, evening and night. We ask that hosts be on call whenever on site.
Greet new campers when they first arrive in campground area
Provide hospitality to campers
Walk through camp several times per day
Stay in close communications with camp staff
Be a minimum of 21 years of age
Be an active members of a Lutheran Church
Provide their own camping unit, equipment and personal items for their stay
Wear appropriate attire while on duty, which may include a camp hat or name tag
Display the sign designating the host site at all times
Attend weekly staff meetings
What type of maintenance or other duties may be involved?

Replacing toilet paper and paper towels in restrooms
Sweeping and light cleaning of restroom and entry area
Checking gazebo fire pit
Litter pickup
Report to staff when garbage cans are getting full
Light gardening
Notify camp staff if firewood supply gets low
Notify camp staff of any problems
Hosts may provide other services according to their specialties or interests
Who works with our hosts?

Hosts work closely with camp staff and are supervised by the Valley Camp Director.
Hosts will get an orientation to the camp when they arrive from the Director or Registrar going over camp facilities, policies and procedures.

Are you interested? We have openings right now!

If being a campground host at Valley Camp sounds like something you would like to do, please contact us for an interview by calling (425) 888-1852
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